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This list is only preliminary. If you would like to see any other publications listed here, please email me.

General References Edit

Publications using the GAMP MATLAB package Edit

Below is a list of some of the papers, with references to the code where available. Unfortunately, the code for many of the applications in the GAMP matlab package is not yet well-documented, although we hope to provide more details soon.

  • S.Rangan, A.K.Fletcher, "Iterative Estimation of Constrained Rank-One Matrices in Noise," arxiv:1202.2759, Feb 2012.
    • Uses the GAMP package for rank one matrix factorization. The paper shows that you can obtain an exact state evolution analysis for predicting the GAMP performance. In the future, we hope to extend this to higher ranks.
    • Code is in the directory gampmatlab\trunk\code\matrixFactor.
  • S. Rangan, A.K. Fletcher, V.K. Goyal and P. Schniter, "Hybrid Approximate Message Passing with Applications to Structured Sparsity " arXiv:1111.2581, Nov 2011.
    • Extends the GAMP method to estimating vectors described by general graphical models. One example of the methodology is for group or structured sparsity which yields a computationally efficient and general procedure.
    • Code is in the directory gampmatlab\trunk\code\grpSparse.
  • A. K. Fletcher, S. Rangan, L. Varshney, A. Bhargava, "Neural Reconstruction via Approximate Message Passing ," Neural Info. Proc. Systems, Grenada, Spain, December 2011.
    • Uses an iterative version of GAMP for estimating neural connectivity and visual receptive field estimation of sensory neurons.
    • Code is in the directory gampmatlab\trunk\code\neural. However, some of the data is not included as it requires permission from Janelia Farms which conducted the neurological experiments. Please email Sundeep Rangan if you request access.